Friday 7 June 2013

Sunday 9th June at Lydham

We're all set for the musicians day at Lydham on Sunday - we could possibly squeeze in one more musician for the day - starts at 10am with Paul Hutchinson as tutor. We have a lively programme with some old, some new, some English, some American in style or nationality of composer.  So a great evening dance (4:30-7) in anticipation with Maggie Hosking calling and explaining the moves and 20 odd musicians playing.

We're almost at our budgetted catering capacity, so if you are thinking of coming to dance call 01743 891117 so we have enough sandwiches & cake. You're welcome to just turn up but you may just get tea and biscuits.

All profits go to "Hands up for Uganda" and we'll be having a raffle so bring a few spare pennies

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