Saturday 30 April 2016

May dances coming up

7 May Church Stretton, 13 May Lydham, 25 May Chetton
It was one of those 5 Friday months in April, so for those of you thinking it must be Alphabet Dancers this week, sorry  it's a week later on 13 May. 

However to reduce withdrawal pangs we have coming up:
Saturday 7 May Church Stretton Music Festival with a folk dance concert 11:15-12 in The United Reform Church, followed afterwards by a dance in the URC Hall next door until 2pm.  See this poster for details of "The Incomplete Dancing Master Exposed"  (I suspect that's me!)
If you have a chance to print and distribute please do!
The complete programme for the day can be found here

or  at these links
It looks like a lot is happening and proceeds to a good cause. Hope to see many of you there.

On 13 May we have our last regular dance at Lydham - we'll run a little longer and have cake in the interval.  Start 8pm with the band

And to reduce your wait until September Paul & the band are at Chetton Folk Dance Group on 25 May from 8pm-10:15 at Chetton Village Hall.  Please come along as visitors and join in.  You'll be most welcome.

And if you have read this far - maybe see some of you at Clun Green Man on Sun 1st May- I'll be Cotswold Morris dancing at 12 and 3:15.  Bedlams will be in the square from 11am on 2nd May, but my ligaments preclude me from that.

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