Tuesday 21 March 2017

Lydham Dance 24 March

Following having 30 dancers last time we hope that we'll again have a good crowd this Friday at Lydham for our normal evening dance starting at 8pm.
The next dance after that will be on Good Friday - 14 April.  This will be with the band, and last year we had a great attendance.  The weather wasn't brilliant but obviously people are on holiday and like the opportunity to get out and socialise.
A reminder that the music workshop is running again this year on Sunday June 11th.  We are lucky to have obtained the services of Paul Hutchinson to again lead the workshop - his instruction from 4 years ago is still the peak for me - with Maggie Hosking calling the dances.  I've seen the dance list and there will be a wide variety of tempos to challenge the band, and a few different dances to entertain the dancers.  Maggie doesn't do difficult - the whole point is to allow as much music as possible to be played on the day.

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