Friday 2 March 2018

Dancing on 9 and 23 March

Fortunately the Beast from the East should have dissipated by Friday 9th March when we will be dancing at Lydham Village Hall from 8-10pm.  If you are new do come along a little bit early and we can find out your name and provide suitable guidance.  We are a friendly bunch and encourage swapping partners during the evening so everyone can learn.
9th March we have the Alphabet Band playing for us

On 23rd we have CDs which means the programme is a bit made up on the night to ensure everyone can dance who wants to.  Last time we had fun with lots of 3 and 2 couple sets, whereas normally we more usually gravitate to longways.  Don't understand what I'm talking about?  DOn't worry as full instruction is provided and dances are tailored to ability

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