Thursday 3 September 2015

Dancing restarts 13 September at 8pm

Welcome back to the autumn programme of dancing at Lydham.  We will be having our first session with the band on Friday 11th September with an 8pm prompt start. We will be looking at the dances for the 250 Anniversary Ball which is on 31 October in the evening, and for which the dances will be drawn from the list below.

For those of you wondering what a "Ball" is, it's a posh fancy dress dance. You can come dressed from the 18th century, or from 21st Century. For men Black tie is modern, or period costume; for ladies Ballgowns or long type dresses.  But don't worry too much, just make an effort. Kilts are allowed if you have one!

We have 4 weeks to go through the dances, decide which ones might cause problems and leave them off the schedule;-) All dances will be walked through on the night, and once you buy your ticket you will get a copy of all the dance notations (if that means anything to you!).

There is limited space in the Town Hall so do let me know as soon as possible if you want to come. It should be a fascinating evening as the venue is laying on some 18th century nibbles. Tickets are £10 , doors open 7pm, dancing starts 7:15 and carriages at 10pm.
Arcadian Nuptials Thompson 1765
Bar A Bar duple proper longways 1718 **
Barbarini’s Tambourine  Longways duple minor Walsh, 1745
Childgrove DM1: 1701-1728 *
Christina by Naomi Alexander duple improper longways **
Fandango  3 couple longways set Thompson, 1774
Hunsdon House 1665 Square *
Indian Queen duple proper longways 1701 *
Lovely Nancy Johnson 1744 Longways, Duple Minor ¾ *
Merry Salopians; or Women and Wine (aka The Old Mill)—3-cu. set (3/2) (G) Walsh, 1718 **
Mutual Love (Thompson, 1777)**
Portsmouth 1701 *
Red and All Red Thompson, 1757
Shrewsbury Lasses  3 couple longways set set Thompson, 1765
Shropshire Lass 1710 3 Cple set *
Take a Dance
The Comical Fellow 1776, 40 Bars
The Physical Snob  3 couple longways set set Unidentified collection, c. 1790
Turning By Threes by Gary Roodman circle for 3 couples
Wakefield Hunt  Longways triple minor (triple progression) Thompson, 1779

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