Saturday 26 September 2015

More dances successfully trialled

At the club on 25th September we successfully worked our way through:
Bar a Bar
Hunsdon House
Indian Queen
Lovely Nancy Johnson
Wakefield Hunt

A lovely evening. Someone commented "Could we all move at the same time" which means the idea of dancing together and to the music has been taken onboard.  And it looked magnificent when it did all click:-)

A donation of £15 was made to Macmillan following the cutting of the teapot cake and sale of some apples.  Well done all


  1. Who is calling / playing at your ball?

  2. Mo
    Paul Davis is calling and the excellent Alphabet Players are playing. This is our local band who play once a month on the second Friday club meeting. It's a variety of instruments including keyboard, clarinet, mandolin, lute/ guitar (not sure which it actually is but sounds romantic!), Accordion, fiddle and bass guitar which together makes a lovely sound